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Drop Dead Dual Strike: Optional Reload Button

Platform: Oculus Quest I sometimes spend more time trying to get my gun to reload than shooting zombies. And I am not the only one with this problem according to several forum posts. Please add an option to reload your guns via pressing a button. This would make the game so much more fun to play and you can focus on shooting zombies and get your reload timing right. Please consider this for a future patch on Oculus Quest

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Not only they are not fixing it or getting back to me but they flat out cancelled my ticket.

Since the July 2020 update, we have not been able to use the 2 player mode in Drop Dead.  Also if you try to get out of the game it makes a loud screeching noise, and it disconnects your controllers so you have a hard time shutting it down.  Anyone else having this problem, or is it just us??? Waiting to hear from Oculus and Pixel about this situation.

Good luck on "Waiting to hear from Oculus and Pixel about this situation." It’s been months for us

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!  It was fixed in just a few days.  I cannot even tell you how much my husband and I, love playing this game and thank you for fixing the glitch.  Again, thank you so much  for your wonderful Customer Service and your AWESOME GAME: Drop Dead Dual Strike!!! 

It’s been a year for us and still nothing. Wonderful customer service?!?! I am concise ring calling their office at this point.

I bet if you reviewed the game on the Oculus page with your complaint and a low score, you'll get their attention.

I posted on their face book page, send them a message via Messager, open 2 tickets. 

I like the game and run a business so I do not like leaving bad reviews but maybe this is the only way. It's unfortunate..

Like many other small developers, they simply may not have the personnel to follow up on every concern, just able to address immediate issues or working on new games. It must not be an easy job. But if you are continuing to sell and market a product, you should still be willing to address end user concerns.

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It's been a year for me, Landshark4 got help right away.

So it's selective.

I have not play for a month. First game, level 16 beeping. It is sucking the fun of it and still no news from pixel. I have open 3 different tickets
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