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Can't hear in Hoard Mode

Hi. I can invite my friend to play Drop Dead Hoard mode but when we get in there we cannot hear each other. We have adjusted the setting so we should be able to hear, but no luck.

We are going in from Oculus (Quest 2, v29), and have set up a "party" but Drop Dead takes over the mic (so it says when we go in). So I don't know if party mode is the problem. 

Any suggested fixes?  I have a ticket in with Pixel Toys too but thought people here might have ideas.

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I'm having the same mic issue in the multiplayer mode.  The Developers seem to be aware of the avatar issue, but not being able to communicate with the other player makes the multiplayer mode almost useless to me.  I using Quest 2, v30.

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V30?  I'm going to have to upgrade! or do i want to?

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