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Units reset

About 20 of units reset to level 1, all the cards needed to level them back up were returned to them, however I have no where near enough gold to level them back to where they were. Any reason why they reset?

I experienced having lost roughly half of my stars and half of all cards, resulting in hnits leveling down.. seemed like the game suddenly figured out it would start a save or something from several days ago... all my resources and player level stayed the same. Support asked me to check if they came back after update yesterday... which they didnt. So pretty much pissed off since they havent replied since then

Hi guys, same experience here, logged into Realm Wars on Thurs, all ok, logged in on Fri, totally lost 3 units, all other units have been downgraded to various levels, lost all progression, logged with support, ticket being worked upon.

And im guessing support isnt working on weekends... same here, fine on thursday and screwed on friday
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