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Game stuck on “Updating” after comet crash...

Hey, I’ve tried to open the app multiple times after a comet failed to open. Now I’m unable to log in without the game getting stuck on the “updating game content” screen. Other peoples games seem to be working fine - just seems to be my account... My coins can be seen in the corner when I open the app (ignore the connecting to game server). Hopefully I haven’t wasted $15 and lost my account!

5 people have this problem

Hey guys, 

Appreciate how frustrating this must be for everyone who wants to get playing! We're releasing a fix to this problem in an update very soon, which should resolve it for everyone.

Once your game next updates, please do report back if you're still seeing problems. It's reports like all of yours that help us improve the game in this early stage. 


Pixel Toys Support Team

Issue seems to have been fixed for me. Good to see all my stuff again lol
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