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Matchmaking issue

Hi all, big fan of the game but I’m getting matched up with the leaders of the five highest guilds repeatedly to the point where I just don’t even fight back. I know they must find this a massive insult to be matched to someone with less than one sixth of their battle points, so any chance of adding to your Intended update of a 7000 to 9000 “easy” mode (bit late for me as over 9000 anyway) with an all the way up approach, say no higher or lower in bp than 2000? Seems fairer and less advantageous to those prepared to pay vast sums. They would still pay as they already have a clear goal and the spare means to achieve it. Everybody wants to see their tactics win not their cash. Cash is for supporting you guys, the devs, not for a clear way to guarantee winning surely?

I have at least 3 game videos of players not even playing a move after the awful update where many people, myself included, spent ALL their silver and realmstones on useless cards because we believed the message “by Sigmar you are already logged on on another device” meant we had been victims of online fraud, I had saved 30,000 odd realmstones And 20,000 odd silver for levelling my deck probably either Neave Blacktalon or mordred harbinger but instead put into cards I don’t normally use to ruin whoever had access to my accounts chances of winning, it took months of play to save that. People genuinely believed their accounts had been used, i as a previous victim of account fraud certainly believed it had happened again. We know players are leaving because of the message that was up for days. Proper matchmaking so I as a 9,100 player don’t face a player with 76,000 as I have before.
So I have noticed that upon reaching 9000 you get screwed over on match making. Facing most people with HUGE advantages repeatedly is discouraging and completely ruins any enjoyment of the game. I definitely do not expect to win all the time, but when the vast majority of my rounds are not winnable that sucks. If this doesn’t change soon I will be deleting this app and providing a 1 star review on the App Store.
This is what happens all the time, I spent a long time grinding to get competitive, but I know some people deliberately drop back down to 8k to be able to win again. The second to last update really helped make more decks competitive but still many warhammer fans leave. I just wish they implemented a 1000 bp matchmaking limit, so you couldn’t have more or less than 1000 bp than your opponent. Would keep more players active.
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