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multiplayer help / aide multijoueur warhammer 40.000 freeblade

I never manage to attack first in multiplayer mode, so I lose almost all my fight. What is the trick to get down the fury of the opponent?

Thank you.

Je n'arrive jamais à attaquer en premier en mode multijoueurs, du coup je perds quasiment tous mes combat. Quelle est l'astuce pour arriver à faire baisser la furie de l'adversaire ?


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You need to get chests that contain multiplayer items, you earn green currency and can spend to buy these chests. Also shoot a lot of the small enemies to build fury, don’t just shoot opponent or you will lose, however timing your heavy weapons on your opponent will take a lot of health off of them. Try both, it’s actually quite easy when you get the balance right between shooting the environmental enemies and your opponent. Hope that gives you a chance : )

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Hello, thank you for these tips, it actually works and gives me more luck. A big thank you again.

any one no the control for keyboard as I don't no how to use my shield and my 3rd weapon (pc)

To attack First make sure u kill a lot of mobs before First melee fight to get up fury. The Stronger the melee weapon u have the bigger the crit area will be when in melee attack. So, Kill a lot to get up fury, when u see opponent nuke some weapons to get his down. Then bang u First. Most importantly tho is a strong melee weapon so the crit area gets Wider. Boom sawed!

je suis incapable de jouer à drop dead en équipe la connexion ne ce fait pas , quoi faire

Im never able to access the multiplayer game mode its always out of order
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