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New lower cost packs

Hi big fan since release, love the game. I would love the developers to add low cost packs to the game, around £5:00 or $5:00. Say some realmstones and various shards and some cards, not loads just about £5:00’s worth. Many don’t like buying Sigmarite as it’s difficult to see what you can get. All recent packs require the sort of money that can buy a full console game, with huge development costs. I think your sales would greatly increase for the casual players and hard workers whose money is more needed for their families. You did these in the first realms and they were very popular going by word of mouth in all the guilds I’ve been in. Just a thought for the average gamer who can’t justify spending £40 on an app. It’s income for the game and justifiable to an average gamer. Not all, but a good percentage. Please consider anyway.
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