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Drop dead invite friends

Why will my friends list no longer load to allow me to invite friends to a game ? I’ve done reinstall and reset of quest it’s at the latest version too

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We have same problem when invite friend through RIFTS + PC , alway broken connection

Ditto with Quest, was working a fortnight ago and now I can't invite a friend. We have only just upgraded to quest and multiplayer was the whole reason for re getting this game

 Same, we bought 2 copies of Drop Dead on Quest to play multiplayer but it doesn't work.

Ours used to work, but no longer. Help!

My multiplayer worked for over a year, it just quit 2 days ago. I've tried reinstalling, factory reset on Oculus Quest, and nothing seems to work. I have 2 quests, 2 copies of the game, and now we can't use it. This is frustrating to say the least. I just want some ideas to try from PixelToys... just give me a theory and I'll try it, please.

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même chose pour moi imopssible de jouer à drop dead en équipe il ne ce fait pas de connextion avec autre joueurs 

I Have the same problem.

I'm trying to play with a firend Drop Dead Dual Strike, we both have a Quest2.

We can create a private room, we can invite the other through Oculus Friends and we both appear in the room list.

But then we cannot start any game and the one who was invited gets quicked out of the room after a minute or so.

Quite annoying... we specifically bought the game to do multiplyer campaigns.

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