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Drop Dead, multiplayer with the same account.

I have an Oculus Rift and an Oculus quest, with the same Oculus acount.
I buyed the game "Drop Dead", the question is: Can I play a
multiplayer game with my 2 oculus, using the same acount? I cant't
invite myself as friend!
If I can't do, it's a feature request! :)

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I have the same situation here, I bought two oculus quest to not play alone, but it's not possible. A local room could be a good option developers. This is not fair, or please explain me how is it that having to create another fabook account and rebuy the game is fair?
Agreed, now that I have both the Oculus quest 1 and 2, I am buying games purely on the ability to play locally with my ACC on both headsets

sadly very very few games allow lan coop

These all day, so have been slowly buying the good ones: -AltspaceVR -Arizona Sunshine -Bigscreen -Blaston -Contractors -Cookout -Crisis Vrigade -Death Horizon Reloaded -Eagle Fight -Eleven Table Tennis -Elven Assassin -FB Horizon -Hyper Dash -King Spray Graffiti -Premium Bowling -Top Golf Pro Putt -Orbus Reborn -Racket Fury Table Tennis -Racket NX -Rec Room -SpaceTeam -Star Trek bridge crew -Synth Riders -VrChat -Walkabout Mini golf

Just bought this game and I have the same issue, not being to able multiplayer with 2 headsets and one fb account. All other multiplayer games I've tried so far work in this configuration without issues.

What a shame :/

I'd say the developers think it's fair because then you have to buy two games. I had the same situation even after app sharing was allowed on Quest 2.  I was going to delete it but it was super cheap and then I played the campaign and was hooked.  Still, it would be nice if they allowed us to play together. It would ALSO be NICE if they REPLIED TO EMAILS.

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