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Warhammer 40,000

My screen name is Valkyrieone. Noticing what appears to be player cheating in multiplayer mode. I played all day yesterday to rack up a 7,000 point lead over player ARCHEOREX and he managed to make up that 7,000 point difference in a little over an hour of playing. Making 60 0r 70 or even 100 point jumps per play while I have to buy gold and can only make 26 point jumps per battle max by hitting the rescan button. Otherwise I can only make 10 point jumps per multiplayer battle. Im currently in 3rd place globally on Sun April 12th 2020. The player in 1st place GermanSteel has also been making big point jumps per battle, Impossible considering they have inferior armor weapons. Anything you can do to make it fair?

James Nixon

The problem above is for Warhammer 40,000 Freeblade game

Problem solved thanks to ARCHAEOREX who informed me to get higher points per multiplayer battle adjust gear level. Just goes to show you how all is not as it seems sometimes!

My apologies

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