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Drop Dead 2nd Timeline Collect Limbs???

 What the heck is this "collecting limbs" all about?  There's no explanation I can find and I'm stuck at the Thrasher scene.  I can kill all the zombies but at the end I'm only at about 40 limbs and need 60 to complete.  I have no idea what this is all about.  What the heck am I not doing???

Hello?  Is anyone there?  None of the questions are getting answered.  Do you just not give a f** now that you have our money?

Problem Drop Dead
I'm stuck in Drop Dead timeline 2 "Road to the graveyard" because
I can't get enough limbs. I don't get more than 45 when I need 60
Thank for your help.

I found A solution but it's bizarre at best.  In timeline 1, you do best with the pistol by being accurate and getting as many head shots as possible - something I'm pretty good at.  In timeline 2, that doesn't work - you don't want head shots, you want to blow limbs off.

The machine pistol is very inaccurate and has a severe muzzle climb so the only way to get limbs I have found is to aim (or rather point since the aim is way off) low and slightly to one side and keep the gun angled at 45 degree.  When you do fire, your three bullet blast will spread across the body at an angle and do more damage to more limbs.

This still doesn't solve the problem of the almost constant jams.  The only way around that is to listen for the sound of the action cycling (the chk-chk after the beep) which tells you it's fully loaded.  Trying to catch it exactly mid cycle to "speed load" fails more often than it suceeds. 

In any case, once past this point and into the graveyard, you face the problem of swarms of Z's.  The machine pistol is close to useless there so you have to rely mostly on found weapons with limited lifespans.

Got through the second time line.  Gsmith pretty much has got it.  You'll learn to love that machine pistol :) It does take some practice to work the rapid load, but it is possible.  Jams happen when you pull that trigger too soon, but if you listen,  you can hear when the gun has cycled. 

Good evening
The problem is that when the enemies are too close to you, the weapon gets stuck and I can't reload.
That's death in the short term.

Perhaps when you get crowded you have the weapon inside the zombies when you fire?  That and hitting spit or rockets seems to jam the gun.

Or maybe when you get crowned, you try and fire too soon (and the more you pull the trigger on a jammed gun, the longer it seems to take to clear).

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