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AoS Realm War not leveling

Hello everybody, yesterday my Game started to glitch/bug. I can’t level up my cards anymore and when I close and start the game again, the cards are at a higher rank but I did not receive exp for it.

2 people have this problem

Same pb here : the only xp received here is on donate card in guild window...

Yes, I have the same problem. I don’t get any exp for card upgrades. I can buy them and there is no change but after 1 match the card was upgraded but the exp is still missing :(

Seen the same pb on discord site, we are not alone ... but dev seem to be lost somewhere because no update on my ticket since 5 days...

Any news? It’s annoying because I need to improve my cards to get into a fair fight :(

Nothing from my side but my ticket is closed and always same pb...

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