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Drop Dead On Quest Multiplayer not working


We're trying to play Drop Dead Dual Strike in Multiplayer mode ( private room, 2 players )

We both have Quest2, good wifi.

We create a room, invite the other one, the other one accepts.

Then we see  in the room list taht we are both there.

But we're stuck , we don't see nor can talk with the other one, and we cannot select any game. 

The invited one usually get quiked out of the room automatically after a minute or so.

Thank you for your help.

8 people have this problem

Today it is working perfectly, must have been a server glitch...

I can’t play multiplayer modes.
Any resolution for this yet? We are experiencing the exact same thing as Tristan Salome.
My multiplayer isn’t working, how can I fix it all its doing is flashing and showing the 3 loading dots
Multiplayer not working, also cannot talk to other players
I can play solo mode just fine but when me and my girlfriend try to play together we cannot get the Multiplayer game to work. We can see our names but the game will not load!! Help!!!
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