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Freeblade multiplayer is messed up as of Dec 1, 2022

Multiplayer scores were erased as Dec 1, 2022. I worked hard to be #1 until nov 30.  Now I am unranked and could not register a score even after winning battles.

The leaderboard is reflecting a diffrent set of scores less than 8k when my last score was already 29k.  

My main screen is also messed up with shadows.

Hoping you cpuld fix this.

Your #1 fan



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Yes problems on Freeblade 01 December, I am unable to connect to the game server.

Have no access to multiplayer/events/valour chest 

Hoping that things can be resolved quickly,

Trust that your rankings and score are recovered



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Я так понял у всех проблемы с подключением к серверу?

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I’m glad I’m not the only member experiencing this! I then tried to battle my way back up before the end of this season noticed I was gaining no points AND no valor tokens either. Also is anyone else experiencing this weird frame around their phone screen? Hope they fix this soon…

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I also have the same “weird frame”. I also lost my #1 ranking and also could not gain any points after Nov 30

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Вы хоть можете что то набрать,у меня вообще тёмные кнопки

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Oh, God, we have the same trouble! —from the man who live in China.

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Nelze se připojit k herním serverům. Už dlouhou. Pixel Toys nereagují. Nic se neřeší.

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Столько времени прошло а решения нет,это наталкивает на то что игру забросили разработчики совсем,и решать проблему никто не будет!в скоре проект закроется товарищи

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It just never lets me play it
I had the screen frame fixed and the multiplayer returned, but now it seems as though multiplayer is no longer an option for me.

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Now iv received another weird bug the game mode still works is that everytime i click on select opponent all that happens is that it tries to load other accounts i can fight against but it never switches to anything but the loading icon

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When will you fix the multiplayer/online problem ? I tried playing again today. I still could not access multiplayer. The button is not clickable. When you click “events”, you are not allowed to enter any event.
This is what im talking about
Same problem I just clicked on the select opponent and then finished dinner, and no opponent appeared I can join events and do it, and the leaderboard has always changed, but I can't get any event reward anyway
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