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Freeblade multiplayer is messed up as of Dec 1, 2022

Multiplayer scores were erased as Dec 1, 2022. I worked hard to be #1 until nov 30.  Now I am unranked and could not register a score even after winning battles.

The leaderboard is reflecting a diffrent set of scores less than 8k when my last score was already 29k.  

My main screen is also messed up with shadows.

Hoping you cpuld fix this.

Your #1 fan



6 people have this problem

I have the same problem I'd win a battle and it says internet unavailable but then I purchase something in the surprisingly they'll take my money it has an internet for that any questions concerns it's up and running now but have a glitch and resets if I try to run a program or run a for free gold or anything in the back end of the game
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